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Performance additive chemical stabilizes Fuel-Oil in tanks and tankers to prevent the separation of water from the Fuel-Oil micro-emulsion.

Performance additive chemical stabilization of the micro-emulsion avoids cut-off of combustion by the Fuel-Oil by improving atomization of carburant in the injectors.

Performance additive chemical eliminates residual lumps in the Fuel-Oil which plugs filters and injectors. The residual lumps can occur in tankers and tanks that are left standing up in the future.

OilFlux™ BFO Performance additive chemical is specially formulated by new chemistry to eliminate Fuel-Oil problems resulting from unstable micro-emulsion and lumps in tankers and tanks.

OilFlux™ BFO Performance additive chemical is applied in very low dosages of 0.1% by volume for regular maintenance and up to 1% by volume to shock treat Fuel-Oil in tankers and tanks to improve combustion.


To be added only to FUEL-OIL. It stabilizes the fuel-oil preventing the separation of water, causing a stable micro-emulsion and avoiding cut offs of the combustion.  Improves the atomization of carburant in the injectors.  Eliminates residual lumps in fuel oil tanks, reducing the possibility of the plugging of filters and injectors. (Performance Additive)



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