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Oil Flux Americas, LLC has introduced a specially formulated “building blocks” suite of 15 OilFlux™ new chemistry additive products to eliminate the 15 common “pain points” in crude oil production and flow stream delivery: “Fluidifier”, “Drag Reducing Agent”, “Paraffin Separator”, “Asphaltene Inhibitor”, “Demulsifier”, “Cleaning for tanks and tankers”, “Remediation of crude oil spills”, “Recuperation & Recovery from ponds/pits, “Anti-embedment”, “Bactericide”, “Corrosion Inhibitor”,          “Anti-foaming”, “Sequestering”, “Performance Additive for fuel oil” and “Performance Additive for gas-oil snot”.

The OilFlux™ additive products feature a revolutionary new chemistry based upon anionic/nonionic molecular technology, which incorporates into the crude oil without altering its chemistry, they do not evaporate while continuing to function as the pressure and the temperature change in the crude oil mass occur, for a better yield, and a safer and faster performance.

The OilFlux™ additive products have been specifically designed for the crude oil industry and offer fully guaranteed solutions to all the challenges facing the oil industry in producing, moving and recovering crude oil speedily, safely, economically and environmentally.

The OilFlux™ additive products are endorsed by certificates issued by Intertek Company, http://www.intertek.com/, which guarantees the quality and safety of our products, processes and systems.

The OilFlux™ additive products totally respect the environment, crude oil equipment, personnel and all eco-systems.  They also recover the crude oil in the environment of damaged sites, thru "regeneration" and "recuperation" and "recovery" of crude oil resources.

On site field testing of OilFlux™ additive products under actual crude oil operating conditions can also be arranged.​​

Free samples of OilFlux™ additive products are available for your lab testing to prove the actual efficacy of the OilFlux™ additive products.​

Click on each specific product link to the left and see the new chemistry advances available for your production and flow stream delivery of crude oil …  “So Don’t Choke Your Profits”.


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