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Test Results W10



Product: Heavy Crude Oil

Kinematic Viscosity at 50°C 575.70 mm2/s 461.80 mm2/s -113.90 mm2/s -19.78%
T.A.N. (Total Acid Number) < 0.01 mg KOH/g 0.04 mg KOH/g 0.03 mg KOH/g 300.00%
Total Sulphur 2.10% w/w 2.05% w/w -0.05% w/w -2.38%
Asphaltenes 5.80% m/m 5.30% m/m -0.50% m/m -8.62%
Water and Sedimants 0.46% vol. 0.26% vol. -0.20% vol. -43.48%
Water 0.45% v/v 0.25% v/v -0.20% v/v -44.44%
Sample: BS-14140/01 BS-14140/02    

Date: April 24, 2014


An analysis of a crude oil, performed by an independent laboratory, Intertek http://www.intertek.com/, which was compared to the same crude oil that was added with the fluidifier W10.

The dosage was of 3% to highlight the differences and to compensate for the conditions of the extraction of the crude oil from the production well.


Total Acidity: An insignificant increase of the acidity was observed, which had no impact on the behavior of the crude oil.  Crude oil with a T.A.N. <0.05 mg KOH/g is considered non-corrosive.

Kinematic Viscosity: A notable decrease in viscosity was observed. The unit of measurement was equivalent to the measurement in Centistokes (cSt).  The decrease registered was of 20% over the initial content.

Water and Sediments:  A 43.5% decrease in volume occurred and improved the characteristics of the crude oil.

Water: A 44% reduction in water content was observed. The previous result was confirmed, which improved the quality of the crude oil by decreasing the water content.

Total Sulphur: There was a decrease of 2.4%. The reduction of the Sulphur content means less risk of formation of sulfuric acid and sulfhidric acid. However, the difference is irrelevant.

Asphaltenes: There was a decrease of 8.6% of asphaltenes in the mass of the crude oil.  This parameter confirmed the reduction of the kinematic viscosity. The asphaltenes are a cause of the viscosity in the crude oil. The decrease means that the crude oil is easier to transport, it is more fluid, which results in a decrease in energy costs.


OilFlux™ has engaged the world renowned company, Intertek, to test, inspect and certify the efficacy of the OilFlux™ specialty chemical products for the oil and gas industry.

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