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Oil Flux Americas, LLC has introduced a specially formulated “building blocks” suite of 15 OilFlux™ new chemistry additive products targeted to eliminate the 15 common “pain points” in crude oil production and flow stream. These additives became commercially available in mid-2014, after several years of focused research, development and testing.

The OilFlux™ additive products have been specifically designed for the crude oil industry and offer fully guaranteed solutions to all the challenges facing the oil industry in producing, moving and recovering crude oil speedily, safely, economically and environmentally … because “Every Drop Counts”.

OilFlux™ additive products are a new chemistry introduced in significantly smaller economic dosages starting in the crude oil production well, consistently through the crude oil flow stream gathering lines, pump stations, separators, flow stations, exchangers, fuel burners, slop/waste pits, desalination, distillation heads, storage tanks, tanker trucks, rail tankers, ship tankers, and pipelines into the refineries … so “Don’t Choke Your Profits”.

OilFlux™ additive products for 15 common “pain points”:

  • significantly improve the flow of crude oil mass ("Fluidification"),
  • function as a drag reducing agent (“DRA”) in crude oil extraction and pipeline transportation,
  • remove and prevent buildup of paraffin/wax ("Separator”),
  • prevent and inhibit asphaltenes ("Inhibitor”),
  • prevent and inhibit corrosion ("Inhibitor”),
  • separate water from the crude oil/water emulsion ("Demulsification"),
  • recover the crude oil by cleaning all types of tanks and tankers ("Cleaning"),
  • recover the valuable crude oil from ponds/pits ("Recuperation and Recovery"),
  • eliminate incrustations ("Anti-embedment"),
  • eliminate bacteria ("Bactericide"),
  • prevent foam ("Anti-foaming"),
  • decrease sulfhidric acid ("Sequestering"),
  • increase fuel oil performance ("Performance Additive")
  • increase gas oil performance ("Performance Additive"), and
  • clean up crude oil spills ("Remediation").

OilFlux™ additive products significantly assist management to meet production profit and reporting requirements from:

  • the compulsory health, safety and environment test ("HSE" test) regarding crude oil production and flow stream; “upstream”, “midstream” and “downstream”,
  • the "Materiality Test" by FSAB Financial Accounting Concepts No. 2,
  • the compulsory "Sustainability Report",
  • the "Corporate Responsibility Report", and
  • the "Climate Guidelines".​

OilFlux™ additive’s components are recovered separately at the refinery in each part of the distillated fraction to which it corresponds by its evaporation point as a saleable product.  This simply means enhanced profitability.

OilFlux™ additive products are endorsed by certificates issued by Intertek Company, http://www.intertek.com/, which guarantees the quality and safety of our products, processes and systems.


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