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One of the biggest challenges currently faced by the oil industry is the extraction and transportation of heavy and extra-heavy crude oil. Because of this, the addition of small quantities of chemical substances with great capacity of fluidification solves the kinematic viscosity problem.

We offer a wide range of over 15 “building blocks” products all focused on the 15 profit robbing “pain points” in the crude oil production and flow stream, all created following our own unique proprietary formulas that we continue to improve by Research & Development.

The most significant ones and their applications being:

  • For Extraction and Pipeline Transportation of Crude Oil (solvent and dispersant additive to increase fluidification)
  • For Ponds / Pits (total recuperation of crude oil through the separation of water and reintroducing the crude oil recuperated and dehydrated in the production line​)
  • For Flow Stations and Refineries (de-emulsifier that breaks the water-crude oil emulsion)
  • For Tanks/Tankers (facilitates the maintenance through the cleaning of all types of tanks and tankers and the recuperation of the crude oil)

OilFlux™ products help our customers to increase the efficiency of their oilfields with less costs, increasing the productivity, protecting their assets and improving their profits because every drop of crude oil counts.



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