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Technical Data

P50  DATE 4 Mar 2014
Product Description
  Aspect Transparent Liquid
  Colour Dark orange
  Composition Mixture of hydrocarbons, aromatic dissolvents and surfactants
Physical Parameters
  Boiling Point 110° - 200° C
  Density (water=1) 0.81
  Soluble in water irrelevant
  Flammable Point 58° C
  Auto-ignition Temperature > 220° C
  pH 7.0 - 7.1
Application and Dosage
  For the treatment of ponds
Apply according to preliminary analysis and characteristics of the pond (1% to 5%)
Handling, Storage and Stability
  Avoid electrostatic charges
Do NOT get in touch with hot surfaces
Use protective gloves
Use protective glasses
Do NOT eat, drink or smoke while handling it
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