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Ponds / Pits

To separate water and recuperate crude slop

In all oil extraction sites there are PONDS that accumulate crude oil leftovers. These occur during normal operation or appear due to any sort of incidence during the process.

Each POND / PIT in open air entails a number of problems:

  • When it rains, they fill with water, which provokes polluting spillages.
  • Sometimes the retaining walls give in, also leading to such spillages.
  • Inadequate waterproofing causes pollution in aquifers and adjoining lands.
  • There can be hydrocarbon ​emanations of various toxicity levels.
  • The crude oil accumulated in these ponds represent an objective loss of the product - that has a significant and important value.

The project focuses on recuperating this crude oil by means of OilFlux™ ​product separating the water and reintroducing the recuperated & dehydrated crude oil.

This generates considerable benefits for the oil company, at the same time that the severe environmental problem caused by the spillage in these ponds is properly addressed.

P50 ​Total crude oil recuperation from the Ponds/Pits 
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