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Performance additive chemical stabilizes Gas-Oil in tanks and tankers to prevent the separation of water from the Gas-Oil micro-emulsion and also to prevent the growth of algae or formation of mucilage which are commonly called “gas-oil snot”.

Performance additive chemical stabilization of the micro-emulsion avoids cut-off of combustion by the Gas-Oil by improving atomization of carburant in the injectors.

OilFlux™ BVM Performance additive chemical is specially formulated by new chemistry to eliminate Gas-Oil problems resulting from unstable micro-emulsion and algae or mucilage “gas-oil snot” in tankers and tanks.

OilFlux™ BVM Performance additive chemical is applied in very low dosages of 0.1% by volume for regular maintenance and up to 1% by volume to shock treat Gas-Oil in tankers and tanks to improve combustion.


To be added only to GAS-OIL.  It stabilizes the gas-oil preventing the separation of water, causing a stable micro-emulsion and avoiding cut offs of the combustion.  Also it prevents the growth of algae and the formation of mucilage in tanks. These materials are commonly called “gas-oil snot".  (Performance Additive)



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